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Algae Herbal Cream (A-DHA Beauty Care)
Algae Herbal Cream (A-DHA Beauty Care) has passed the test in the UI Lab and Lab Sucofindo and declared safe and harmless. Already patented in the IPR (Intellectual Property) and is currently in the process of certification of cosmetics is safe from the MOH, and halal certification from MUI LPOM. And already have trademarks are the A-DHA Beauty Care.

Each package consists of: - 1 day cream - 1 night cream - A facial soap - A serum vit. C  
Green packaging Close - For 40 years and older - Large pores and blemishes - Had previous treatment
Close Pink Packaging - For 40 years and under - Acne - Sensitive skin
HERBAL CARE FACE CREAM - Moisturize, whiten and brighten skin. - Helping black blemishes - Prevent acne - Disguising fine lines and slow the signs of premature aging - Decrease the pores - Lifting the dead cells and stimulate new cell growth - Does not contain mercury and hydroquinon  
SERUM VITAMIN C Contains stabilized Vitamin C combined with Vitamin E in the Base Gel is soft and not sticky skin PH. Formulated with active ingredients so that the active ingredient Enhancer Ethoxydiglicol more easily penetrate the skin cells. Serum Vitamin C has the properties: - Can reduce wrinkles on the facial skin and reduce eye puffiness when used continuously. - Able to slow the aging of the skin caused by free radicals originating from dust, smoke and sunlight. - It can lighten skin color so the face looks whiter and glowing. Algae Soap Is a facial cosmetic soap that contains extracts of Algae  
USE AND FUNCTIONS 1 package Cream Herbal Algae are generally for use for 1 month. But depending on the wearer, if economical or her face is not too broad not necessarily discharged 1.5 months. If extravagant, 3 weeks must have run out (^_^) Actually, the core of this treatment on Day Cream, Night Cream and soap. Serum serves to maximize treatment outcome, nourish the skin tissue and to facilitate regeneration of the skin.
# Day Cream and Night Cream - For those who had not previously been wearing cosmetics or similar treatment, it is advisable to follow the rules of use for sensitive skin (the way we use in the packaging) - For those who have previously undergone treatment or other heavy wear cosmetics, skin must first be neutralized by the use of facial soap for 3 days without using any other cosmetics that neutralization process successfully. After 3 days, could be followed by a night cream and day cream.
# Serum Used after a period of 2 WEEKS care. Its use before using the cream the day or night cream (2x daily). The distance between the use of serum with cream 5 MINUTES or after the serum is felt is completely dry in the face.  
# Soap So that the soap does not run out quickly, it is advisable to cut it into 4 parts.

ABOUT spots For spots, depending on the type fleknya. Because the spots that many kinds: acne scars or chicken pox, cosmetic usage errors, aging, genetic disorders (like moles, but many). Spots easily removed if the spots are still on the outer skin tissue. If it is up to the inner skin tissue, examples of mole-like spots, the likelihood is rather hard to remove, but who must, color blind spots will be piecemeal.
Acne prone skin For acne prone skin, depending on skin type and acne type as well, because the causes are manifold, there can be caused by hormonal factors, some due to stress, there are also arising acne that will menstruation or pregnancy. Different is not it? But so far a lot of customers who complained about this problem, and after wearing Algae Herbal Cream regularly now much reduced, almost gone.
DANGEROUS OR NOT Algae Herbal Cream is made from herbal ingredients known efficacious and potent cure various diseases. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Mushroom Ganoderma, and Sea Algae.

HOW TO WORK Algae Basically, our facial skin with skin-covered parts of our body. However, due to pollution, sunlight and dust, then our skin has always been a darker skin than any others. Algae working to restore the color of the skin such as skin color-covered body, other than the algae also give fresh and toned effect caused by vitamin content available to it.

WHAT IS THE CAUSE DEPENDENCE? If it is past care, did not proceed was no problem. If it is not used anymore, continuously exposed to sunlight, dust and pollution, it can be returned to its original state prior to treatment. This can not be called a dependency. Because, between the face-groomed, and uncared-for, certainly different is not it? Just like clothing, washed and not washed, definitely different. Maximum results seen after a treatment period of 1 month treatment, but based on offline customer experience (my colleagues in the office) the effect of bright use of algae can already be seen in the first week of use.  
REACTION THAT MAY ARISE - Itching, skin slightly red, and dry (normal reaction) because then the skin is the process of replacement of the old skin cells with new skin cells. - Skin peeling smooth (ngglodhoki Javanese language), this is the removal of old skin cells (dead). peeling is called erosion, because the process is not instantaneous and requires a rather long time (up to 1 month). Which ever beauty treatments at an expensive clinic definitely understand this phase. - Appears acne, is a process toksifikasi or removal of toxins found in skin tissue caused by the use of cosmetics, pollution or any other chemical substances that have been settled long ago in the skin tissue.  
EFFECTS OF THE SUN For the initial treatment, are not allowed in the sun too long. If the demand for field work, are advised to wear hats with a big shield (golf hat), so the face is protected, since that time our skin is thin and sensitive skin cells resulting from the replacement of old with new. But if the treatment has been completed, be safe if exposed to sun longer. But if you can avoid it ....  
POWDER OR COSMETIC USE To use the initial treatment period (first 2 weeks) is recommended to not wear powder, because then we're sensitive skin and feared to be contaminated with other ingredients contained in the powder. If trapped using talcum powder, baby powder pake first without using cream. Once past their care, may use the powder.
Expiry date / expired date Shelf life is 90 days since the cream is opened. Signs expired, the fragrance is no longer fresh cream and the color change is extreme.
SIDE EFFECTS 1. Blackheads (depending on skin type) 2. Narcissistic Mode On 3. Additional Income specialized resellers  
Secure Certificate Sucofindo: No.14365/DBBPAB and 14366/DBBPAB 


- Currently algae THE ORIGINAL herbal cream is still in the stage of registration BPOM - Doubt if anyone has any similar products to include BPOM - BE CAREFUL with COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS that have been widely circulated - Please ask for info as clearly as possible before buying our products
PRICE A standard package: Day Cream, Night Cream and Soap Op. 150 000, - A complete package: Day Cream, Night Cream, Soap and Serum Vitamin C Rp. 170.000, -

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